World Moving Services at Your Service!

World moving services specialize in moving households or businesses locally, overseas, internationally, or just long-distance. They also transport items such as boats of automobiles. Generally these types of moves involve moving a lot of items or moving large and expensive items, so with that at stake you want to be sure to choose a moving service that is bonded and licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation. You want a world moving service that has a lot of experience in both residential and corporate moving. Moving services are becoming more popular as more and more people move every year.

Finding a high quality world or international moving service can save you money in the long run. They will help you with customized decisions based on the type of move you are undertaking, and they will coordinate scheduling any third party services. These moving services are knowledgeable about things such as inspection of tariffs of shipments, requesting carrier tariffs be made part of the bill of lading, and conducting inspections at the carrier facilities, all of which help ease the stress on the consumer. Find out from several moving services how much they charge ahead of time for taking care of these matters, and ask for references to be sure that the company provides high quality of service.

Most world moving services will give a moving estimate, but they are not required to do so. There are two types of estimates – binding and non-binding. With a binding estimate, the movers cannot charge you more than the shipment and services are worth in the original estimate, but they move may charge for the binding estimate process. This means that any extra services added later, such as elevator charges or stair carry charges, may require full payment immediately. Binding estimates often require payment by cash, certified check or a verified bank check.

A non-binding estimate on the other hand is an approximate cost of the moving services, and the mover is not permitted to charge for their estimate. This type of estimate only gives the person moving a general estimated cost for moving, and it is not considered a binding contract. The downside is that the final end cost may exceed the original non-binding estimate price.

When you have decided on a world moving service to transport your belongings to your new home or business, remember to have these three important documents on hand: a written estimate (regardless of type), a bill of lading, and an inventory of items being moved. A bill of lading is the legal contract defining which types of services are being provided by the carrier. An inventory list shows what items you are moving and could be important proof in the event a shipment is lost or damaged in transit. Make sure the moving service provides these papers before the move begins, as once the move is underway it is more difficult to dispute problems if you do not have all documentation.

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