Top Places to Find Free Moving Supplies

Moving can be very expensive, and sometimes it is difficult to budget expenses to cover the cost of moving supplies.  Read on for ideas of how and where to find free moving supplies or cheap moving supplies for your upcoming move.

  • The easiest free moving supplies to find are boxes.  It is not necessary to purchase pricey cardboard boxes from mail and moving package stores.   A great place to find free moving boxes is your local supermarket.  Supermarkets receive their supplies in all shapes of boxes, and many are happy to give the boxes away when done rather than throwing them away.  You will have better luck asking a smaller or local supermarket for boxes than you will approaching a big-chain department store.  Some department stores such as Wal-Mart have deals with local recycling plants that make it more difficult for them to hand away free moving boxes.  If you are at a store and see boxes that will be thrown out, always ask an employee first before taking any though.
  • Your home is another great place to find free moving supplies.  Old newspapers and magazines work well for wrapping breakable items such as glassware or ceramics.  Washcloths, towels, and pillow cases also work well for wrapping items.  T-shirts make good stuffing and packing materials.  Blankets and bed sheets can be used for makeshift laundry bags.  Trash bags also work well for transporting stuffed animals, clothing, linens, and other non-breakable items.
  • Another great place to find cheap moving supplies is at yard sales.  Towards the end of the day, many yard sale owners will give away items that did not sale for free or very cheap.  Among these items you can find boxes, magazines, clothing, sheets, and other items that can be used as moving supplies and packing supplies.  Just be sure to only purchase items that will help you in your move.  You don’t want to bring more junk home that you will not use and just have to transport.
  • Search websites such as Free Recycle or craigslist and look in your area for people willing to sell or give away items such as dollies and boxes.  Some people will sell cheap moving supplies, while others will be thrilled to get rid of items that are just taking up space in their homes.  Neighbors may also end up with tons of packing peanuts from online orders, and they might be willing to pass those supplies along for free.  A few weeks before you move, start asking friends and family members to save any extra bubble wrap and packing peanuts they get in the mail.
  • Other places to look for free moving supplies are crafting stores and box supply stores.  These stores sometimes throw out damaged merchandise and might be willing to give the items away rather than letting them go to waste.

Whatever methods you choose when searching for free moving supplies or cheap moving supplies, there are always options available to make moving easier on the pocketbook.

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