Scotch Cushion Wrap 7961

Scotch Cushion Wrap 7961One of the most useful items you can use when moving is a good packing material. Packing material protects your items during transit, as it is inevitable they will get bumped around and knock into other objects. It protects your belongings from breaks, scratching, and other damages that can occur. Bubble wrap, or cushion wrap, is one of the most popular packing supplies. It easily covers items and provides an air cushioning that protects from damage. The Scotch Cushion Wrap 7961, 12 Inches x 100 Feet is one such bubble wrap product.

The Scotch Cushion Wrap provides excellent cushion bubble protection for your valuable and delicate items. The cusion wrap not only works great as a packing material, but it is also useful for the storage or items or even for mailing items. Scotch Cushion Wrap is lightweight and non-scratching, so it works great on any of your household goods, including delicate items such as china.

Cushion wrap comes in several different sizes, so you can order as little or as much as you need. It is easily cut so that you can use only the sizes that you need, offering customized protection for each item you are moving. Scotch Cushion Wrap is sold on, and it retails from $14.34 for a roll of 12 inches by 100 feet.

Product Specifications
Size: 12 Inches x 100 Feet

Brand Name: Scotch
Model number: 7961
Number of Items: 1
Size: 12 Inches x 100 Feet
Manufacturer Part Number: 29641

Customers who have purchased the product have this to say about it:

“I got this bubble wrap to pack glassware for moving our house. It’s perforated every 12″, which makes it easy to tear off sections sized for plates. At the same time it holds together well if you need longer sections. It’s the standard-size small bubble wrap with 3/16″ bubbles, just right for packing fragile items. If you are packing large heavy items, you might want to get a larger bubble size. I only ordered one 100 foot long pack, thinking it would be plenty for moving our family’s glassware, but I ended up needing a second pack. We don’t have anywhere close to 100 plates, but I found myself using it for other breakable items like vases and clocks, as well as for items that could be scratched.”

“The title really sums it up: It works well and it’s cost effective. It’s easy to unroll the right amount from the container; the wrap is perforated at about 1 foot intervals which is adequate for me; and it stores neatly in the carton.”

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