Moving Supplies Boxes – Take Your Home With You

Moving boxes are at the top of most people’s lists when thinking of what items will be needed for an upcoming move.  Boxes are among the top moving packing supplies items bought by customers, and they come in a variety of different sizes, materials, and designs.  Different boxes fill different needs, and they can be bought for one-time use or used for storage or future use.

Cardboard boxes are the most popular box for moving.  They are quick and easy to assemble, and they are easy to fold and put away when done.  Cardboard is also recyclable.  As moving boxes, they come in small sizes around 16″ x 12″ x 12″, to medium sizes around 18″ x 18″ x 16″, and then up to extra large sizes that can fit large items such as refrigerators.

There are even cardboard boxes that are made specifically for certain items.  There are boxes for televisions, computers, refrigerators, and glass.  Boxes made for dishes have foam padding and bubble wrap to keep glassware from breaking during transit.

Some companies supply moving boxes for your wardrobe.  These boxes include a plastic pole hanger for easily transporting hanging clothes.  This keeps your clothes from getting wrinkled or torn during the move.  Moving supply companies and big home supply retailers sell these types of boxes.

Other types of useful boxes are designed specifically for artwork and framed pictures.  These consist of flat boxes with foam corner protectors, as well as tissue paper and bubble wrap for protecting your art or photos.

Besides cardboard boxes, moving supply companies may also offer plastic totes as an alternative in moving supplies.  The totes typically include a top and handles for easy gripping and moving.  The plastic totes are useful for personal items such as Christmas ornaments and decorations, clothing, antiques, and toys.  They are also good for items that can become too heavy if too many are stacked together, such as books or movies.  Plastic bins that are stackable are good options if you are making a short move and items will not be bumped or shifted around for long amounts of time.  They are less useful for cross country trips, as items inside will shift around a lot and the tops can bump off.

Most moving supply companies will have a website or a phone number where you can obtain information about the different types of supplies they sell.  They will usually including pricing options, different packages they sell, and recommendations on how many boxes you will need depending on the type of move you are making.

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