Moving Equipment – Don’t move without a dolly!

Moving DollyYou are all packed.  You have hundreds of boxes and totes ready to move, but how do you move them without injuring yourself?  How are two people going to move that huge refrigerator, washer or dryer?

The Answer: Buy or rent moving equipment. Most hardware stores (or even big box stores) offer the basic moving equipment.  If you have something odd shaped or extremely heavy, your best bet is to deal with a company that primarily deals with moving.  They will offer you the large assortment for anything that needs lifting. The following paragraphs contain some information on a key piece of equipment used by professional and home movers.

wooden moving dollyDollies: God’s gift to movers. Dollies are made from heavy plastic, metal, or wooden frames and have plastic or rubber wheels that help transport heavy or bulky items. They can a simple square frame set on four wheels, to a dolly resembling a ladder with a bottom platform on two large wheels. The second type of dolly, also called appliance dollies, includes either two bar handles at the top, or one long handle running down the back. Make sure that if you use an appliance dolly, you use included safety straps for refrigerators or large object. Dollies allow one to two people to move or pivot a heavy object or appliance that otherwise would require many more people to handle.  Each dolly should have a “weight rating”.  It is not worth going over this limit.

Pianos require a specific type dolly for each type.  For example, a Grand Piano requires a Grand Piano dolly that has three adjustable legs on wheels.  You tighten the feet of the piano to the dolly legs to hold it in place and give it additional support when moving. 

An upright piano uses a different type of dolly designed to deal with the long length and short width.  The unique rectangular shape provides a sturdy base and easy swivel point.

As a side note when moving upright pianos, the use of “piano skid boards” can be helpful.  They are long rectangular hardwood boards sometime covered in carpet.  They normally have handles and a thick base to ease in the moving process.  The skid boards with carpet normally do a good job in preventing scratches.Big 6 wheel moving dolly

When moving a dolly is really a must have item.  They go a long way to increase speed and prevent injury.  On average, the cheapest square wooden dolly starts around $15 and the metal upright dolly starts around $35.00.

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