International Moving Services

International Moving ServicesMoving internationally can be a big stress, but there are many international moving services out there that can help you make a successful and organized move. The most common reason for people to move internationally is because of a job relocation. In these cases, it is likely that your company already has an international moving service that they have used before. It will save you time to check with your company first to see if they recommend an international moving company, as it is important to find someone you trust and that has a good record. Whatever moving service you choose, make sure that they have international experience so that the move goes smoothly.

Finding a good international moving service will require some research, as there are only a few major companies that move worldwide. Moving internationally is a difficult and tiring process, so it is well worth the effort to find a moving service that will take care of everything, as well as have high standards, excellent references, and guarantees their work. You will want to develop a good relationship with your international moving company, especially since you will be trusting them to move your personal items halfway around the world. A good international moving service will help you with clearing custom barriers, getting around in unfamiliar cities, and can even help you feel at home when abroad.

Packing can be a big, complicated situation itself when moving internationally. If you are moving lots of household contents, you will need to coordinate vehicles to transport the items partway, then decide if items are best shipped by freight via sea or air for the rest of the journey. International moving services can prove very helpful with packing. They can make recommendations on what type of wrapping to use depending on where you are going, the custom regulations, and how your items are being transported. For example, freight moves are block wrapped. This adds extra protection to your items, which will cost more but less damage will occur. Another thing to keep in mind is that your contents will shift around a lot, mainly due to inspections and then traveling by sea or air. An experienced international moving company will be able to advise you on what packing methods are best for you.

One tip for moving is not to take along major household appliances. Different countries or continents will have different electrical standards, and your items might not work overseas. You will be better off either storing your items if you move is temporary, or selling them if the move is more long-term. Also, unless you expect the move to be permanent, it is not advisable to take along items you will not need immediately, or treasured items. Books, artwork, family heirlooms, etc. are better off being stored or trusted to a local friend or family member while you are gone, as moving these items can be very expensive and there is a higher potential for damage to occur during the move.

Take only the bare necessities you need if you are planning on coming back home. Leave other items with family or friends, or rent a professional storage space. Many countries have restrictions on what items can come in or go out of their country, so familiarize yourself with these restrictions before you attempt to move items. International moving companies will be familiar with the process of what items can be transported, and they will assist you along your way.

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