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Neiko Padded 660 lb. Furniture Moving Dolly 30-Inch x 18-Inch with 3-Inch Wheels

Finding easier ways to transport items is so important when undergoing a household move. There are many items out there that are designed specifically to make your life easier. One such item is the Neiko Padded 660 lb. Furniture Moving Dolly 30-Inch x 18-Inch with 3-Inch Wheels. This furniture dolly is designed to help easily […]

Harper Trucks JDTP2223A 400-Pound Capacity Steel Convertible Hand Truck

The convertible hand truck is an item that you will find very worthwhile to purchase if you will be undergoing a move or if you have to regularly move heavy items. The Harper Trucks JDTP2223A 400-Pound Capacity Steel Convertible Hand Truck is a great example of one that will save your sanity and your back. […]

72″ X 80″ Moving Blankets Furniture Pads

Moving blankets are a necessity when undergoing most moves. They provide padding and coverage for your items, protecting them along the way. A set of New (10) 72″ X 80″ Moving Blankets Furniture Pads Warehouse is a great item to look for when picking out moving supplies. Moving blankets or moving pads are especially useful […]

Intertape 4349 Stretch-Flex Stretch Wrap

If you are planning a long move, such as to a different state or another country, you will likely have pallets of items to move with you. There is a product that will prove very useful for you when securing items for a long-distance move: Intertape 4349 Stretch-Flex Stretch Wrap with Extended Core Handles 20-Inches […]

MA9126R Rubber Mover Bands

When planning a move, everyone thinks of needing packing tape. Packing tape is useful for securing items and taping shut boxes. There is an item out there though that can be even more effective than packing tape. It is the MA9126R RUBBER MOVER BANDS, which are bungee moving bands.

Scotch Cushion Wrap 7961

One of the most useful items you can use when moving is a good packing material. Packing material protects your items during transit, as it is inevitable they will get bumped around and knock into other objects. It protects your belongings from breaks, scratching, and other damages that can occur. Bubble wrap, or cushion wrap, […]

Moving Men 1545-12 8-Piece Furniture Slider Set

There are many useful moving supplies out there that can help make moving much easier. One such product is the Moving Men 1545-12 8-Piece Furniture Slider Set. This eight-disk set makes it a cinch to move furniture around the house – an unavoidable and disliked task of moving. The disks are made of a slippery […]

Shoulder Dolly LD1000 2-Person Lifting and Moving System

If you are planning on moving, you have probably already started thinking about what supplies you will need in order to accomplish your move. Some supplies, such as boxes and packing tape, easily come to mind. But, there are many other moving supplies out there that will greatly help make your move smooth and efficient. […]

Top Places to Find Free Moving Supplies

Moving can be very expensive, and sometimes it is difficult to budget expenses to cover the cost of moving supplies.  Read on for ideas of how and where to find free moving supplies or cheap moving supplies for your upcoming move. The easiest free moving supplies to find are boxes.  It is not necessary to […]

Moving Packing Supplies

Moving is a big project that requires relocating lots of different items.  One of the first things you think of when moving is what type of packing supplies and boxes you will need.  Buying up a bunch of same size boxes may seem quick and easy, however this is not the safest or most efficient […]

Moving Supplies Boxes – Take Your Home With You

Moving boxes are at the top of most people’s lists when thinking of what items will be needed for an upcoming move.  Boxes are among the top moving packing supplies items bought by customers, and they come in a variety of different sizes, materials, and designs.  Different boxes fill different needs, and they can be […]

Moving Equipment – Don’t move without a dolly!

You are all packed.  You have hundreds of boxes and totes ready to move, but how do you move them without injuring yourself?  How are two people going to move that huge refrigerator, washer or dryer? The Answer: Buy or rent moving equipment. Most hardware stores (or even big box stores) offer the basic moving […]