3rd Party Moving Services

3rd Party Moving ServicesIf you have made the decision to move, you have likely already looked into hiring a moving service to help you transport your household items from your current location to your new home. What you might not have explored much yet is 3rd party moving services. Third party moving services are services that do a variety of tasks including unpacking crated items, crating items, professional services for moving high-end items such as artwork, and upholstery and carpet cleaning. There are also services for unpacking and maid services, including unpacking, putting away dishes and china, kitchen utensils, removing packing materials, and vacuuming and cleaning after a move.

There are also 3rd party moving services that do schrank work, which is assembling intricate pieces. This would include work such as disassembling a pool table, crating it, then reassembling and leveling it once it arrives at its destination. Light fixtures and chandeliers are other items that need to be carefully disassembled and reassembled, including attaching hardware and working with electrical outlets. Appliances are other items that need to be unhooked and then re-hooked, including leveling, disconnecting and capping water lines for icemakers, and gas appliance handling. Other moving services specialize in moving items such as grandfather clocks, which need to have their weights removed and pendulum secured before moving.

Some moving services will take care of moving pianos and baby grands. Pianos pieces need to be carefully wrapped before transport, and then setting one back up requires an experienced technician. Other items such as waterbeds may require the use of a third party moving service if you need assistance in draining and conditioning one, then refilling and reassembling the pieces at the new destination.

Third party moving services can be found by searching online, or by contacting your local household moving service. Some specialty items are best moved by technicians experienced in their field. So, if you are moving a piano for example, check with your local piano store to see who they recommend for moving. Household moving services should also be able to recommend movers who can transport delicate and expensive items if they do not feel comfortable doing so. Many moving services offer third party moving options because it increases their competitive edge over other companies. These services can include furniture repair and refinish, hot tub moving, special plumbing services, carpentry, and rigging and crane services.

The mores specialized 3rd party moving services that are offered consist of custom crating, electrical and mechanical hookups, and maid services. Custom crating offers insurance against damage to items that were crated by the company. These companies can offer the best solutions for moving items such as marble and glass, clock, or artwork. Maid services are also invaluable because they can coordinate the unpacking and putting away of household goods once a final destination is reached.

People who are moving also do not often consider the services of mechanical and electrical hookups. These services provide experienced personnel who can handle jobs such as hooking up appliances, water beds, chandeliers, ceiling lamps, speakers, and more. Whatever items you need to move, you can be sure there are third party moving services out there that can accommodate you.

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